GMUNDNER KERAMIK and 75ml perfume bottle are firmly glued together in their original state.
    After the perfume has been used up, the glass flacon and ceramic can be separated in a hot water bath.

    The GMUNDNER KERAMIK can then be used as a decorative object, mini vase or pen holder, etc.
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    Fragrances are very personal and tastes differ. In recent years, we have been able to meet many of our customers in person at various presentations and asked them to describe our fragrances as neutrally as possible. Most common opinion about the Eau de Parfum GRÜNER HIRSCH: Really fresh, awakens spring feelings and creates a good mood....
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  • Spring greetings...

    The used CWC perfumes have an additional use. You can separate the empty glass flacon from the GMUNDNER ceramic sleeve and reuse it, for example as a small vase with spring messengers to give away or use yourself.... Have a nice start to spring!!!
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